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Well-Woman Services

Well-Woman Care

Well-womanMidwives are experts in caring for women throughout their lifetime. Whether you are a returning or new client we welcome you to receive holistic womanly care at our birth centers. Unlike the bright lights and cold environment of other offices, Natural Birth Center & Women’s Wellness exam room is warm, inviting, and feels like your own home.

Services include:

  • Gynecologic care including: Pap smears and Pelvic exams
  • STD testing and vaginal infection checks
  • Breast exams
  • Natural family planning
  • Contraceptive management
  • Yearly physical exams
  • Natural menopause

All services are completed with respect for the whole woman, paying attention to the connection of mind, body, and soul for a healthy, loving, and vibrant life.


Choosing to bring a new life into this world is one of life’s greatest decisions. There are many questions you may have regarding family planning, nutrition, exercise, and most importantly labor and birth options. We are here to help you, your partner, and family plan your first or next pregnancy. Make an appointment to visit with our midwives to start the journey to a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Infertility Consultation

Couples who are having difficulty conceiving can be in a delicate and frustrating state. Our midwives are here to provide you with educational, emotional support, and treatment. We don’t jump to conclusions, but rather walk through the entire process with you, discussing all possible causes and treatment options. Difficulty conceiving can be caused simply by inaccurate timing to more complex issues that need to be dealt with medically or surgically. Given the unique situation for each family, we offer infertility evaluation and treatment referrals, including a consultation with our resident homeopathic practitioner.

Prescription Services

prescription servicesCertified Nurse Midwives have the ability to write a wide range of prescriptions needed throughout pregnancy and beyond. If you’re considering contraceptives or if you simply need medications to manage and ailment, certified nurse midwives are here to help! Contact us today to make your first appointment. (424)-245-4150

Non-Emergency Phone Consultations

Fees may apply



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