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Birth Center Birth

couple with newbornIf you are looking for the peace, safety, and freedom from interventions to let your body birth as nature intended in its own way and time; you have found your birth home. Our birth centers are elegant, similar to an up-scale hotel, and are the only free-standing accredited centers in Los Angeles that are less than a half mile from our collaborating hospitals.

Once you are in active labor you will be greeted by familiar faces, ready to continue your exciting birth journey. You and your family are welcomed into an environment of relaxation, support, and comfort that will allow your body to birth as nature intended. Our birth centers are equipped with emergency equipment should a problem arise. However, unlike hospitals, our emergency equipment is not what you see when you first walk in.

We encourage eating as an energy resource and drinking liquids with electrolytes to stay hydrated during labor. We allow you to assume any birth position your body desires. During your birth, everyone who begins the labor process with you stays with you until you and baby are ready to leave. We also welcome family and friends. After your postpartum transition, your new family leaves for home.

All our midwives are certified in neonatal resuscitation, CPR, IV infusion, suturing, and other emergency measures.


HomebirthIn the comfort of your home is where you may feel the most free and relaxed. In the event of a home birth, there is more self and home preparation that may be necessary, but you will be fully prepared by our midwife. Your prenatal care continues at our birth centers, but when labor comes, our midwife will come to you. The emergency equipment and supplies available at our birth centers are brought to your home. You and your babyโ€™s safety is our priority. However, it is important that a hospital be within a safe distance from your home.

Water births are also an option at home by purchasing or renting a portable pool. Afterwards, you are able to snuggle in bed with your newborn, rest, and wake-up to familiar sights and sounds. We stay with you during the first postpartum hours to assist in breastfeeding, monitor your transition to motherhood, and ready your house for your new addition to the family.


WaterbirthFor no additional charge, but many additional benefits, all of our birth suites are equipped with luxurious and spacious birth tubs.
Embraced by warm water, your pregnant body will float, relax, and open. Birthing in water has the added benefits of acting as a pain reliever, promoting relaxation, inhibiting anxiety, and reducing the severity and incidence of tearing. Water birth is one of the most gentle and peaceful forms of births for both mom and baby.

VBAC Birth

If you long for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) you have picked the right birth center. Our midwives know and trust that VBAC is a safe option for mom and baby, and will support and educate you in order to avoid an unnecessary repeat cesarean section. You will be provided complete information about the benefits and risks of vaginal birth and elective cesarean so you can make the choice that is right for you and your baby. Women who go into labor naturally, progress without complications, and are surrounded by love, and experienced midwives. Again, in the event that transfer is needed, our proximity to the hospital is unbeatable.

Nitrous Oxide

We do not offer this service at this time due to COVID 19.
Using Nitrous Oxide is an additional method of pain control during childbirth, and is offered at the Natural Birth Center and Women’s Wellness.

  • Nitrous Oxide takes effect in seconds and offers a reduction in pain and anxiety during labor and childbirth.
  • It is patient controlled, which means the user is in charge of when a dose is administered, via inhalation.
  • It is safe for both mom and baby, and dissipates within 2 seconds once breathed.
  • There are no lasting effects, and you can be up and moving around to actively participate in your labor.
  • Unlike its common use for anesthesia, the dosage used for labor pain control is much smaller, allowing you to be completely alert at all times.
  • The dose allows for the peak of contractions to be more tolerable, while still providing complete control and awareness for the mother.

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Self-administered
  • Easy-to-use
  • Takes effect quickly
  • Quick recovery/does not stay in system
  • Allows for active participation โ€“ can be used at any time in labor right up to the birth
  • Can move around freely
  • Does not interfere with labor process or ability to push

Collaborating Physicians

Here at NBC & WW we have a great working relationship with our physician colleagues. We refer to our collaborating Obstetrician-Gynecologists when something deviates from normal and is considered more high-risk during pregnancy. We will also consult with the physician if anything is abnormal during the course of the birth or immediately afterwards. In some cases, our collaborating obstetricians and midwives will co-manage your care.

A subspecialty of obstetrics; Perinatologists are concerned with the care of the fetus and complicated high-risk pregnancies. Our CNM’s will refer you to our collaborating perinatologist if consultation is needed. Furthermore, perinatologists are also who you will visit to complete the 20 week anatomy ultrasound and any follow-up ultrasounds as needed.

Within hours of birth, we will perform a newborn exam right by your side. We also work with Pediatricians and recommend that you take your newborn to be examined within 24-48 hours after the birth.

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