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Whittier Birth Center

With each chapter in our lives comes a beginning and an end. The Natural Birth Center began its story in 2004 with the opening of a birth center in Whittier, CA. The first of its kind in the area, the birth center offered an alternative to hospital birth. A place, a home where women could feel safe enough to trust their instincts and strengths. A place where women felt empowered, protected, loved, and cared for. A place where women, above all else, could bring their baby into the world safely.

As of May 1, 2018 The Natural Birth Center will be transferring all care to the Los Angeles location. We are so excited for this transition and we are looking forward to growing our Los Angeles community. That being said we cannot help but reflect on all of our experiences and beautiful memories from Whittier that are forever in our hearts. To all the mamas, babies, families who received care with us over the years, thank you. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives, your stories. You mean so much to us. A place truly isn’t a home unless it is filled and shared with those you cherish. Our hearts are grateful that we could share our home with you.

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